Chief Justice Deploys 4 Judges To Decongest Correctional Centers

Judiciary Communications, Kadigbidi Road, Sella Limba Chiefdom in Kamakwie Town, 29th June 2022: Sierra Leone’s Chief Justice, His Lordship Justice Desmond Babatunde Edwards has deployed four High Court Judges in Kamakwie Town-Karene District, Magburaka Town-Tonkolili District, Mattru Jong-Bonthe District and Pujehun Town-Pujehun District to look into various cases of Sexual Penetration, Murder, Robbery with Aggravation, Wounding with Intent and Larceny among other offences.

The High Court Criminal Sessions are fully funded by the Judiciary of Sierra Leone courtesy of the Government of Sierra Leone and geared towards improving access to justice and decongesting Correctional Centres across the country.

It is held in places where there are no sitting Judges.

In Magburaka Town, the Bombali District Resident High Court Judge, Hon. Justice Unisa Kamara is currently handling 27 cases. In Pujehun District, the Bo District Resident High Court Judge, Hon. Justice Alfred T. Ganda is handling 23 cases; in Mattru Jong the Moyamba District High Court Judge, Hon. Justice AbuBakarr Sannoh is handling 21 and 11 in Kamakwie District to be completed by the Port Loko District Resident High Court Judge, Hon. Justice Abdul Sheriff.

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